Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Goals, goals, goals...

So I've been thinking long and hard about the goals or "mini milestones" and a "major milestone" that I want to achieve while losing weight and getting fitter. Now this is not an easy thing for me to do because I'm not really one for setting goals at all. Not really. Not that I willing to say out loud anyway. Mainly because I'm convinced that once it's out there I'll look like a fool if I don't achieve it.

So this task has been quite hard.

I was quite alright with goals that focused on my weightloss. They were easy. I know where I want to be, ultimately. Whether it's realistic for me to want to lose 20kg in the next 12 weeks, or not. Or, I don't know, 50 kg in total, seeing as I have struggled for a very long time with my weight, only time will tell. All I know is that any weight I lose will be wonderful! And if I can crack the 100kg I'll be over the moon!
My main problem with the other goals is that deep down I feel like I'll be unfit forever. I laughed at the thought of being able to run, let alone run 1km! So I've been thinking...and talking with my ever supportive hubby. And slowly some ideas have been forming. Then today I put it to the group on Facebook that I'm a member of. Mainly wanting to see what other people were thinking of for their own goals. Maybe to get some ideas for me to use as well. Anyway, a conversation ensued and suddenly I've agreed to tackle the "1000 steps" up in the Dandenongs!!!


Not only did I agree to this, we made a plan, we decided to do on a monthly basis! This way we can measure our progress and see our improvements in fitness.
Now this really terrifies me! To be perfectly honest. I have heard of so many other people doing this climb, but have never been there myself. Hubby and I were talking about it recently and he agreed with me that I need to be fitter and stronger before I tackle it, as I have a dodgy knee, and don't want to damage it. Now it looks like I'm going to have a go a whole lot sooner than I was planning!
The best bit about this is that now my hubby, my aunt and my sisters are going to join me in doing this. Maybe not  each time, but it will be great to have them along for the climb. (Even if it's to carry me down to the waiting stretcher!)

I promise to let you know how I go with this.

Cross your fingers that I make it out alive ;-P

Monday, 29 April 2013

Well Here Goes...

Here goes nothing!
This is my first time blogging, so you'll have to bear with me.
I'm just embarking on what I hope to be a life-changing adventure. Michelle Bridge's 12 Week Body Transformation (or 12WBT). One of the challenges is to blog about the journey to a healthier me. So here I am!
I have been overweight for a VERY long time! I have struggled, and struggled to be a healthy person in a healthy weight range. I have tried, and failed, many different weight loss "diets". So how is this going to be different for me this time? This program is about changing how I think and feel about myself, as well as what I eat and how much I exercise. I have the enormous unfailing support of my beautiful husband, and as well as that, my sisters and auntie are going on the journey with me. Together we are going to be a force to be reckoned with! We are going to do this!
The actual 12 weeks starts on 13th May, so I have some time to start getting my head in the right space, as well as undertake the Pre-Season tasks that are being set for me. Working out what my goals are, and how to work through (and verbalise) all of my usual excuses has been interesting, especially as I had to actually write down every excuse that I could come up with for not doing this, or the training I need to do to succeed. My favourite is that I'm too tired. Now seeing as I work almost full-time night shift I personally think that I am entitled to be tired. But now I'm going to have to work through that and admit that if I was leaner and fitter then maybe I would cope better and not be as tired.
I am committing to this program and will be reporting back here regularly to update how I'm going.

Wish me luck!